Shopnodhora Assets Development

Promising seamless connectivity between nature and technology, the innovative housing project "Shopnodhora" is emerging near Rajuk Jhilmil Project along the Dhaka-Mawa highway. The enduring desire for a secure residence amidst natural beauty is universal. Shyamal aspires to create a dream home in Dhaka, addressing the city's housing crisis driven by economic constraints and poor planning, transforming it into a concrete jungle. RAJUK aims to make Dhaka a future-planned city through the "Jhilmil" project, countering issues like noise pollution and traffic jams. The modern and well-planned city 'Swapnadhara' is being developed adjacent to this project. The dream of an eco-friendly living space with urban amenities is being realized by "Dreamers," overcoming economic constraints. "Swapnadhara Assets Development Limited" has dedicatedly provided a unique solution, allowing easy ownership of land near the capital despite rising prices. In the ever-expanding Dhaka city, the scarcity of land has turned it into a concrete jungle, neglecting nature. "Swapandhara" stands out as an exceptional project, embracing modernity while preserving green spaces. "Dreamers" ensures a 100% guarantee of dream fulfillment. The groundbreaking project 'Shopnodhora' near the proposed 300 feet Dhaka-Mawa highway assures excellence in both nature and technology.

Shopnodhora Assets Development​

Shopnodhora is equipped with all the civic and infrastructural amenities to turn your dreams into reality. The property includes playgrounds and theme parks for children. Additionally, it offers

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