We are Dedicated to

Ensuring Timely Plot Handovers, and Fulfilling this Commitment


Customers can book a plot based on availability.

  1. To book a plot, customers must complete the initial booking form and submit a booking fee of 10,000 Taka per form, following the company’s prescribed format.
  2. The down payment is 10% of the total price, with the remaining amount payable in 60 installments as per the agreement. At a time payment 20% Discounts.
  3. Plot prices are determined according to the company’s price list, with the right to change the list at any time. However, once a plot is booked at a fixed price, the company won’t alter it in the future.
  4. Payments are accepted via Cheque/TT/Bank Draft in favor of Shopnodhora Assets Development Limited. Expatriate buyers can pay in foreign currency.
  5. Main connections for water, electricity, gas, sewage, and telephone will be established as per government policy, with buyers bearing related expenses.
  6. Plot handover is contingent upon project development completion and payment of the contract price. The registration process follows transfer.
  7. Change of ownership incurs fees as per company rules.
  8. Allotted plots are for prescribed purposes, and development must adhere to company and government policies.

In case of plot cancellation after booking, a written application is required. Refunds, subject to a deduction of 10% or BDT 20,000 (whichever is higher), are processed after 180 working days or 36 months without any deduction.

The company may make layout changes for project enhancement, considering the larger project interest.

  1. Delays in plot transfers due to natural or political circumstances will be considered in the larger project interest.
  2. Failure to pay installments on time incurs a penalty of BDT 10/- for the next day, with a 3-month grace period before plot cancellation.
  3. After plot handover, a ‘Dream Welfare Society’ will be formed by plot owners for social development. The authority can cancel plot allotment without notice for three months’ installment arrears.
  4. Project roads will be handed over to the City Corporation/Municipality/Appropriate Authority for future development and maintenance.
  5. Terms and conditions in the company’s brochure are part of the allotment.
  6. The company can amend terms and conditions in accordance with government regulations and business practices.
  7. The authority’s decisions for project development are final, with valuable suggestions from customers given priority.

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